Small changes can lead to huge difference in landing page conversions.

A successful landing page requires tactical optimization and should focus on the below elements:

  1. Above the fold content
  2. Call to Action (CTA)
  3. Social proof – Testimonials and Reviews
  4. Visual content
  5. Copywriting

However, in this article, we’ll talk about easy landing page tips to increase the conversion rates.

#1 Call to Actions (CTAs)

CTA is the most critical part of any piece of content.

It’s the component that drives users to act, and its strength (or weakness) will likely determine the success of the content itself in serving its intended purpose.


Keep your call to action concise and clear. Inform your prospects about what is going to happen afterwards. Avoid generic text like ‘Click here’, ‘Sign up’, ‘Get started’. Instead use terms like ‘Click to view case studies’, ‘Join our email list’.

#2 Exit Intent 

An exit intent pop-up allows you to make a downsell or upsell offer to your landing page visitors. 

For example, if your landing page is offering a lead-generating guide, you can use an exit-intent pop-up to add a bonus to the offer. 

It’s a very simple and easy landing page tip can make a big difference in the long term. You can use third party tools to activate the pop-up.

#3 Single Goal 

When a prospect visits your landing pages, your only aim should be to convince them to take one specific offer and everything on your page should reflect that. 

It is important for the landing page to have a clear direction for the user to take action. The landing page should not be confusing the visitor in multiple offers and ultimately lose to convert as the visitor might not be able to decide.

#4 How it works? 

We live in the world of information and the users are now savvy enough to learn more about the product/service than just the benefits. A ‘How it works’ section is very helpful to convert prospects who are on the fence. 

This section should always include simple 3 to 5 steps, well defined but quick and simple to be consumed easily. 

#5 Form length 

Smaller the form, more the leads. Without any doubts, asking more questions will enable you to understand your prospect better and create the most appropriate offer for him/her but asking too many questions will also make some of them drop-off.


There are two takes to this one. If you want high volume of leads, ask less in the forms (Name, Email, Phone number) and let the rest of the questions come in the first sales call. Or if you want highly qualified leads and lesser personal interaction, ask all in.


#6 Social Proof – Trust – Demand 

The most powerful thing after a strong copy is customer review. The returns are brilliant when your customers become your advocates, there is no better brand ambassador. Including a bit of details about the customer like job title, industry, location helps prospects to feel a connection with your existing customers.

Never shy away from showing off too many reviews.


#7 Speed matters 

After all the time, effort and cost invested into building this masterpiece page, you don’t want your prospect to close the window without seeing any of it, just because it took too long to load.

Try some of these landing page tips to speed up the pages: 

  • Reduce image file sizes
  • Use a CDN
  • Upgrade your server
  • Use a speed optimized page theme or builder
  • Host videos elsewhere (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo) and embed them via links